These Are The Best Dog Breeds If You’re Short On Space

If you’re short on space but feel like you need some TLC from a sweet little fur baby, look no further. These dog breeds are perfect for people who dwell in small spaces – i.e. city living in a tiny apartment that costs more than anything you’ve ever spent money on in your entire life.

The perfect addition to a new space is a dog, but before you go out and adopt, there are many factors to consider such as temperament, breeds that require less exercise, and ones that fit your own lifestyle. With all that in mind, here are a few breeds to consider. They’re not all small breeds either!



Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

Who hasn’t seen a Corgi walking down the street with an owner who isn’t smiling? It’s impossible to not want to scoop them up and give them all the snuggles! These cutie pies are known as Pembroke Welsh Corgis and they actually make great alert dogs.

Easily trainable, Corgis are very affectionate without the needy part and are one of the most popular herding breeds. Surprisingly athletic, quick and agile for just short little legs, Corgis are equipped for just about anything.