Did You Know These Inventions Were Created By Women?

Many of the products you use today wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the women who invented them. Some of these ladies spent years perfecting their ideas. One did so while raising 12 kids. Another fought back after her plan was stolen. Many created devices that are credited with saving lives. Check out the women whose innovative ideas led to some rather extraordinary inventions…The woman who invented Scotchguard was forced to stay outside the textile mill during testing of her invention because women at the time were not allowed inside the building!

Lizzie Maggie Made The Precursor To Monopoly

Lizzie Maggie Made The Precursor To Monopoly

Photo credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Images via Getty Images

Elizabeth Magie Phillips, aka Lizzie Maggie, created The Landlord’s Game early in the 20th century. She applied for a patent in 1903. The point of the game was to demonstrate the effects of land monopolism. She self-published the game in 1906. The game was invented prior to Monopoly, and Parker Brothers used her game as a basis for its version in 1935.

While not initially very popular, since its creation, 1 billion people have played Monopoly worldwide. The original game sold for a mere $2 (the classic game now goes for around $15 on Amazon). More than 300 versions exist today.