Customized Graduation Caps That Do All the Talking

It’s that special time of year again. Students across the globe are preparing for a short, but epic walk many years in the making. Oh yes, we’re talking about graduation day! The downside of this momentous occasion is the cap and gown game. Honestly, who wants to wear a long, itchy, polyester robe over your initial layer of clothing while waiting for a diploma? Luckily, there’s one option out there to show off your style —customizing that big ol’ flat top we call a graduation cap. Let’s run through a few standouts.

The Toy Story-themed cap is giving us serious nostalgia.

The BFF Punny Artists

Photo Credit: theweitogo / Instagram

Graduation is not complete without simple declarations of BFF-dom. After all, you might not see your best pal for a long while since you’re probably heading off to new colleges or new towns or new jobs.

So, graduation day is perfect for subtly matching hats! These best friends are clearly art and pun lovers because they are “Van Goghing” and “Van Gone.” Ok, it’s a bit of a stretch, but we see you! You’re getting the heck out of dodge and you’re probs going to art school!

The Procrastinator

Photo Credit: theoriginaldatvegasgyrl / Instagram

This crafty graduate didn’t go buck wild at Michael’s with calligraphy pens and fabric paint. Instead, their cap was a healthy dose of reality. By announcing to the world that their design was “Last Minute… Just Like Everything I’ve Done in College” this hero told classmates, friends, relatives, and strangers exactly how they made it across the stage.

And if we’re being perfectly honest, it’s how 99% of college students roll. So this one is for the kids that fall asleep in the library, the students frantically printing papers at the campus FedEx store moments before class, and that one guy that rolls up to finals in pajamas. You still graduated and that’s what counts!

The Toy Story Lover

Photo Credit: abbye.calligraphy / Instagram

Considering it’s 2018 and not 1995, we consider this Toy Story reference a bit of a deep cut. Regardless, we totally back it! Come on, now! You remember that scene, don’t you? Dig deep into your childhood movie memory bank.

In Toy Story, these little aliens worship “The claw.” Instead, this grad and all his little alien friends worship “The Diploma!” It’s cute! Try not to think too intensely about it though or you might have an existential crisis. Are we all just sheep worshiping a tiny piece of paper? Is our entire career and self-worth based on something arbitrary?! I told you not to think about it too hard!

If the cap up next doesn’t melt your heart, nothing will.

The American Dream Cap

Photo Credit: kcalixto_330 / Instagram

This meaningful cap brings tears to our eyes. There are so many layers to this simple message, don’t you think? By decorating their hat in the Mexican flag and a simple statement “My parents crossed the border so I could cross the stage,” this graduate honors the sacrifice their family made.

It’s a message of love, honor, sacrifice, and maybe a little jab at our current political climate too. All we can say is, respect to this graduate for wearing their reality proudly. We wish we could shake the hands of the mother and father that did so much in the name of opportunity for the next generation!

Nevertheless, She Persisted

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

This fiery graduate embraced the widely adopted saying “Nevertheless, She Persisted” on her big day. With three simple words, we know the following about this lady… 1) Maybe she’s been through some tough times, and 2) She backs the feminist movement and the likes of Elizabeth Warren who fight hard for equality and important causes.

Turns out you can say a whole lot on a graduation cap. Plus, her penmanship is on point and she might have even thrown a little sparkle on the cap!

The Barbie Fan

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

This cap just goes to show… graduation day isn’t all about inspirational quotes and declarations of the future. Instead, you can just show the audience and perhaps even the world what your vibe is!

This fella loves Barbie. And who wouldn’t, ya know? She’s a fashion icon and she has a sick dream house and a hot boyfriend. She can’t bend her legs or talk, but who cares! If you’re vibing with Barbie decorate your hat with her logo and signature pink color. It’s your right!

Calling all cat ladies, you have to see this next cap!

The Career Cat Lady

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

We have a feeling this cap speaks to lots of people. Sure, there are plenty of human beings out there who enter high school or college or a master’s program with a clear path. They have a mission in life and they are going to achieve!

Other people find themselves in higher education because mom and dad said they had to, or because their true calling doesn’t exactly pay the bills. Sadly, this graduate found out that being a cat lady wasn’t an actual career option. So, she crushed it and found another path despite her true aspirations. Let’s just hope she gets to own many cats on the side.

The “We’re Just Getting Started” Grad

Photo Credit: abbye.calligraphy / Instagram

We have mad respect for this graduation cap for so many reasons. First of all, the calligraphy is like wedding-invitation-level glorious. The flowers are artistic AF and this grad has foresight.

Instead of popping bottles and giving herself a fat pat on the back for making it this far, they recognize that graduating is only the beginning! The real world and taxes, and all kinds of boring stuff lie ahead. Also, we dig the tiny (albeit heartfelt) shoutout to mom and dad. You have to give them a little love considering they housed and fed you all these years.

The Bye Felicia

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

When we see this cap a very popular theme song instantly starts playing in our heads. You know how it goes! “In West Philadelphia born and raised on the playground is where I spent most of my days.” Do you get it yet? Don’t make us keep going!

Anywho — the Fresh Prince of Bel Air says ‘Smell Ya Later’ to his old life and this graduate is saying the same to her old institution, teachers, and classmates. After years of learning and studying and testing, everybody is ready to GTFO. This is a PG way of saying “F You, I’m Out!” and we love it.

The Rugrats Gal

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

This cut-and-paste cap features the cartoon cast of Rugrats and a simple “A grad’s gotta do what a grad’s gotta do” quote. While Rugrats might not have a single thing to do with graduation, it clearly speaks to this educated lady.

Who knows? Maybe she spent her grad years watching reruns of Rugrats in between late nights full of studying (or drinking wine) with her roommates. To each their own!

Up next: this grad would rather be playing video games.

The Annoyed Gamer

Photo Credit: lexiisart / Instagram

The pomp and circumstance of graduation day are not for everyone. In fact, the day can be pretty stressful. Think about it… it’s hotter than the surface of the sun outside and you have to arrive hours in advance. Once you line up and get seated, you just have to sit and sit and sit for speeches and the calling of a million names.

And if your last name starts with ‘Z’ you’re basically passed out by the time you’re supposed to walk across the stage. With all this in mind, we fully support this grad who would rather be playing video games than accepting their diploma. Can’t they just pop that sucker in the mail?

The Political Statement Cap

Photo Credit: abby_shamir / Instagram

If you’re going to take the time to bedazzle your cap, you might as well make the statement count! This graduate has something to say and it’s clear and concise and powerful. This cap reads, “Please don’t shoot me. I’m the future. Gun control now.”

It’s a huge day for this student and all they can think about is gun control and the fear of getting shot before they can graduate. That’s so real it hurts. But, if all our future leaders are this bold and confident, hopefully, there’s common sense on the horizon.

The Country Music Fan

Photo Credit: ChalkitupwithShianne / Instagram

Tim McGraw is a bonafide country legend. It’s not a surprise that his recent hit song “Humble and Kind” inspired a graduation cap. The song, written by another incredible country singer by the name of Lori McKenna, is all about teaching your little ones to be humble and kind and help the next one in line.

It’s an inspirational, feel-good tune that this country needs! Also, it looks really fabulous when written in calligraphy and surrounded by flowers. This grad should frame this cap because it’s basically art and it’s a very positive message.

The Teacher’s Pet

Photo Credit: ceciliaaaa_yu / Instagram

A part of me wants to believe that this is actually a teacher’s cap and they boldly wear it while sitting on the stage so all of their ungrateful little students recognize they put up with your BS for years! In reality, it’s probably the work of the teacher’s pet or perhaps a student whose parent happens to be a teacher.

Regardless, this crafty hat speaks the truth. Teaching is hard and it pays pennies. It takes a certain type of human being to want to teach and to put up with teenagers and college kids that think they know it all. So take a moment to mentally praise your fave teachers and maybe find them on Facebook for giggles.

The Sea Creature On Land

Photo Credit: craftymexicana / Instagram

Remember when unicorns had their 15 minutes? Well, that was so last year because now all those unicorns have moved offshore. Now, our universe is chockfull of mermaids! They have fins, long hair, and seashell bras and they are magical AF.

So, this water lover has officially declared themselves a mermaid. And now that she’s walked across the stage, she’s a mermaid with a degree! I bet that means she catches the freshest fish and is primed to take over her father’s merman business!

The Exhaustion Collage

Photo Credit: Justnauna / Instagram

School is hard. There’s no denying it. It’s a struggle for everyone, from bookworms to jocks and drama nerds. There’s so much to do and not enough hours in the day. So, most of us end up taking cat naps wherever we can.

This graduate was clearly that person that was always caught sleeping in the library or crashing on their desk. As a resident sleepyhead, they’re ready to get some actual sleep in the comfort of their own home. That or they’re just hoping their classmates will stop snapping photos of these sneaky naps!

The Survivor

Photo Credit: Penguin_Butt / Instagram

Cue Destiny’s Child “Survivor” while admiring this graduation cap. This grad clearly has 20/20 hindsight and is just relieved they made it out of school in one piece. With sanity barely intact, they are on to the next chapter! And if there’s a reunion in ten years, I bet this person is a total no-show.

That or they’ll roll in with a very hot husband or wife, maybe in a Range Rover, and they’ll sit back and talk about how whack school was. Actually, I want to be buds with whoever designed this hat. They have their head on straight!

The Get That Money Grad

Photo Credit: Lively_newyorker / Instagram

If I were to judge a grad by their custom-designed graduation cap, I’d say this lady had haters. There was some jerk in their class that was just downright rude or jealous or mean and they took it in stride with a smile.

Now that it’s graduation day, they are ready to tell this bully what’s up. Bad-talking did not get the best of this human! They are going to stay gracious and hit you with the best revenge ever… being super successful. Also, it kind of looks like they glued actual 100 bills to their cap. If that’s the case… baller move! And also, will you adopt me?

Don’t Dream It Be It

Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for The Fashion Institute of Technology

This graduate has a simple message. Dreaming is cool, so feel free to keep your head in the clouds. But she’s out here doing the dang thing! She came, she saw, she conquered and the world is now her oyster!

Basically, if she was to be defined by a Sex in the City character, she’s a Samantha. She probably has a cool mug with an inspirational quote on it that she sips from each morning before she runs off to take care of business. Wow, we’re exhausted already, but snaps and props to this lady who is ready to take a bite of the universe!

The Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Graduate

Photo Credit: inintastic / Instagram

This cap is clearly the work of an overachiever. From the floral design to the perfectly curled hair underneath this graduation cap, we can tell this is a woman that goes above and beyond.

By embracing the phrase “There’s just no telling how far I’ll go,” we have a feeling she embodies those “The Sky is the Limit!” inspirational posters. Also, we love that this is a sneak diss to her classmates. It’s a cute, nay adorable way of saying… you’ll be working for me someday, ya losers! And it’s that bold, brash attitude, given with a side of bubble letters and glitter that makes her a true champion.