Beautiful Wedding Dresses You Don’t See Every Day

Your wedding day, for many, is the most significant day in your life. Your closest family members and friends are in attendance. After you say those two words to your significant other, you’re with them until death do you part. Why wouldn’t you want to look your best for such a special occasion? Electing to wear the classic all-white gown is a go-to option. However, some women might like going against the grain to wow everyone. How does a sheer black Vera Wang gown sound? These women wore non-traditional wedding dresses and totally rocked it. Wait until you see Priyanka Chopra’s gorgeous dresses.

Angel In A Red Dress

kat von d insta.jpg


The devil must wear Adolfo Sanchez, not Prada. That’s the designer that provided Kat Von D with her custom red wedding gown. Since the makeup mogul is known to have a goth-vibe, this dress couldn’t have been better for her first day of forever.

While we’re sure no one was expecting a traditional wedding in the first place, Von D’s dress should be a message to future brides. Don’t be afraid to be different. This next dress is one for the ages.

The Look Of Forever



If you elect to choose the traditional white-toned colored gown, there are still ways to make it unique. This dramatic look is all about balance. “When styling, rather than go all in on structure or totally soft and romantic, strike a balance,” Harperbazaar’s take on this dress.

Also, notice the massive bow around the waist. It’s not every day you see a wedding dress with this simple bow that also makes a statement. Wear this with pride or not at all.

Don’t Touch Her Hair Or Dress

beyonce insta.jpg


Undoubtedly, Beyoncé casts a massive shadow over her sister Solange. The Don’t Touch My Hair singer has a healthy catalog of fantastic music, but humbly takes a back seat to her sister. On her wedding day, she hopped out of the back and took over the wheel thanks to her wedding dress.

The Humberto Leon for Kenzo caped gown resembled royalty. With the gold bracelets on her arm, she looked as if she was a leader in ancient Roman times.

This Glee Star Dazzles

diannaupdate insta.jpg


The two tying the knot at this wedding looked like they were walking in a fashion show, not down the aisle. Maybe that’s because Dianna Agron’s dress was fresh off the runway. The former Glee character commanded all the attention in her nude Valentino gown.

To top it off, she had a pretty baller crown. Her husband Winston Marshall of Mumford and Sons looked dapper as well. Let’s call this a fashion-centric wedding. You’ll be making a bold statement wearing this next dress.

Sleek And Glamourous



“Not about wearing white? Maintaining a level of polish doesn’t have to include shades of cream or pastels,” Harperbazaar wrote. “If you’re after something edgier, consider festive (and daring) metallics from head to toe.” She almost looks like a superhero in that lovely dress.

Her dress is by Versace, a designer that specializes in high-end fashion at a steep rate. Go ahead and save up if you’re looking to step into this beauty. Up next, someone who “ain’t no holla back girl.”

Stefani Was Made For Pink



This dress is bananas, b-a-n-a-n-a-s! We like to hope that one of Gwen Stefani’s friend sang that to her on her wedding day. Stefani should walk around in pink whenever she gets the chance. Her 2002 wedding gown hand-dipped in pink by John Galliano is everything and more.

Galliano was the head of Dior at the time which means Stefani only wanted to be dressed in the best on her special day. Her dress is so immaculate, London’s Victoria and Albert Design museum acquired it in 2011 for their collection.

Kelis Goes Green



R&B artist Kelis chose to walk the aisle in a pretty green dress. She married hip-hop legend Nas, but that love didn’t last forever. Eventually, the two split and Nas used her dress as inspiration for his album Life is Good. The uniqueness of the dress added an extra flare to the cover.

“I think I told her about two weeks before it went out. Work was done. Two weeks before it went out,” Nas said. “At first, she was like, are you dissing me? I was like, come on man, we grown.”

Stone Taps Vera Wang

sharon stone.jpg


When you see Sharon Stone’s dress from 1998, what are the first thoughts that come to mind? If you’re like most, you probably thought that it doesn’t even look close to a wedding gown. Many thought it resembled a Casino look rather than marriage.

The cool thing is, who cares what others think on your wedding day! Feel comfortable in what you’re going to walk down the aisle in and don’t depend on positive opinions. Stone looked happy at that moment wearing her Vera Wang halter dress.

Priyanka Chopra Had Two Lovely Looks



When actress and singer Priyanka Chopra wed pop star Nick Jonas in December 2018, the couple spared no expense. As Chopra, 36, told People afterward, “Every girl dreams of being a princess on her wedding day.” And she certainly looked the part.

For the Western ceremony, Chopra wore an embroidered and beaded Ralph Lauren gown, topped with a 75-foot veil. And for the Hindu ceremony the following day she was dressed in a vibrant red lehenga, a traditional outfit consisting of a long, embroidered skirt with a matching cropped top and veil. Embroiders took 3,720 hours to complete the intricate look by hand. For the second ceremony, Jonas also wore a traditional Indian outfit and turban.

Just Wing It



“Feather details have become a common occurrence for the aisle, but choosing silhouettes that use them whimsically is more fashion-forward than a frothy ball skirt,” Harperbazaar described. “A body-con shape, floral appliqués with plume petals and winged sleeves are cheeky–but offer an edgier side to flights of fancy.”

Ladies, if you ever wanted to be a bird like Allie from The Notebook, then this dress is the one for you. It’s a Marchesa piece that screams “I’m a precious bird so take good care of me.”

Another Pink For The Win



It looks like you can’t go wrong with white or pink. The ladies who have pulled off the pink look brilliant. Lydia Hearst’s pink ombre Christian Siriano dress complimented her smile perfectly. It has her husband Chris Hardwick smiling from ear to ear.

Hearst captioned this picture, “This moment… This man… I’m so happy!” Some would say the dress doesn’t take itself too seriously, making it that much more of a viable choice.

Knightly Gets Her Money’s Worth



Who says you can’t wear your wedding dress more than once? Kiera Knightley didn’t get the memo about her Chanel gown. Knightley wore the blush-colored garment more than once, and she even admitted it.

“I’d worn the dress lots. It was my something old,” Knightley reminisced. And I liked not making a big deal about it. I just wanted to be in something I had had a great time in, something I would have a great time in again.”

Everything You Could Ask For



If you’re looking for the perfect dress, then look no further. No longer do you have to worry about deciding how long you want your gown to be. With this beauty, you get the best of both worlds, and it’s in pink.

“Don’t ever doubt that you can have it all–in-one,” Harperbazaar wrote. “This sweet mini shows off your legs but stuns with its long, ruffled train as you make your grand entrance.”

Piper Perabo Gets Flashy

Piper Perabo-01.jpg


Long sleeved wedding dresses aren’t usually the first option. However, if they all looked this good, we might start to see sleeved gowns coming down the aisle more often. Piper Perabo captured the attention of many at her New Orleans themed wedding.

The silver Michael Kors dress is one that her guests won’t soon forget. Her lucky husband, Stephan Klay, couldn’t have been happier at this moment. Klay also stepped away from the traditional black tuxedo look.

No Fear In Sheer



“Fabric is, without a doubt, the most important feature of the gown you choose–so keep it luxe,” Harperbazaar illustrated. “In bridal wear, quality is of the essence, be it in the form of a rich brocade, a decadent velvet, a fine silk or in this case, a gossamer, glitter-flecked tulle.”

Would you call this dress sheer genius? We wouldn’t be upset if you did. The Ulyana Seergenko Haute Couture gown and bodysuit is the perfect statement for you to make on your day.

Vera Wang Brings The Looks



It’s hard to go wrong in Vera Wang. The price might be steep, but the product is worth it. Shanae Grimes decided to sport an all black Vera Wang gown on her special day. The 90210 star showcased the dress at her 2012 wedding to Josh Beech.

Wang dished on the details of the unique dress on her blog. “I don’t usually do a completely exposed back, but in the right setting, a woman’s back can be a tremendously magnetic display,” Wang wrote. “The rosettes form almost a ruff, or a halo — very gorgeous and dreamy. In the black gown, which is so moody, there’s an effect almost like an empress or a dramatic sorceress.”

Ellen de Rossi Exudes Beauty



For a wedding of this magnitude, the dress had to be up to par. Portia de Rossi’s Zac Posen gown was everything and more. The blush ballgown skirt with the backless top was a perfect combination.

Ellen chose right in her partner, and Rossi chose wisely in her dress. The blush color is subtle, but it adds the perfect amount of pop. At first glance, it doesn’t appear as complex, but this gown has many lovely layers to it.

Colorful In All The Right Places

peter-dundas insta.jpg


Cara Delevigne’s big sister went in her bag of tricks for this wedding gown. Poppy Delevigne wore a dress straight from a young girl’s imagination. The custom Emilio Pucci by Peter Dundas had flowers all over it!

It was her second wedding to James Cook, so maybe she figured she would get more creative the second time. She didn’t disappoint either. It quite literally looks like this dress could have been for a Disney Princess.

Pink Prevails Again With Cuoco

kaley cuoco.jpeg


The Big Bang Theory star, Kayley Cuoco was another to rock the pink gown. Cuoco looked dazzling in her custom outfit that E says Vera Wang created. Wang is probably an excellent go-to choice for wedding dresses. Every woman on this list that chose Vera Wang were satisfied.

“Cuoco’s wore a custom, petal-pink strapless tulle ball gown by Vera Wang to swap vows with Sweeting,” E reported. “The dress had a sweetheart neckline, a hand-gathering detailed bodice and hand appliqué Chantilly lace accents. The veil, also by Wang, was nude tulle with petal-pink floating hand appliqué Chantilly lace.”

SJP Regrets This Choice



There’s got to be only a few things worse than regretting what you wore on your wedding day. Although Sarah Jessica Parker tried something different by opting for the black dress on her big day, she would have done it another way today.

“I just was too embarrassed to spend any time looking for a wedding dress,” Parker said. “There was a store that I liked that I knew, and I just went and got whatever they had hanging.” When asked if she would wear it again she replied, “I’d wear a beautiful, proper wedding dress, like I should have worn that day.”

Jessica Biel Is Fabulous In Pink



Justin Timberlake described his wife as “the most beautiful thing I have ever seen,” when he saw her walking down the aisle. The actress stunned the guests with her custom Giambattista Valli dress. Jessica Biel said she wanted it to be “kind of whimsical and dramatic.”

A rose-pink strapless gown with layer enhancements was the look she was looking for in her dress. “It was very feminine and fun,” said Biel. She also had a ton of personal accessories like her pink pearl bracelet from her mother-in-law.