7 GIFs That Explain Our Graduation Excitement Perfectly

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Now is the time to put on an itchy polyester gown and slink across a stage. It’s the end of an era, an event at least four years in the making… it’s GRADUATION DAY. Woo! Before you pop bottles (of sparkling apple cider if you’re walking the High School grad stage, of course) you have so many events and ceremonies to check off your to-do list. But honestly, who cares! The moral of the story is… you’re a freaking graduate.

Here are 7 GIFs that Explain Graduation Excitement Perfectly. Congrats, ya’ll!

When You Wake Up on Graduation Day



When You Throw On Your Graduation Robe



When You’re Patiently Waiting For Your Named to be Called



When You Get That Diploma



When it Finally Sinks In… You’re Finished!



When You Have That Brief Moment of Nostalgia with Your BFFs



When You Realize The Boring Stuff Is Over and It’s Time to Party