8 Reasons Jake Gyllenhaal Makes The Perfect Holiday Boyfriend

Winter is in full swing. The evenings are long and dark and cold and you’re probably craving a warm body to hug you all night long. Well, remember ladies and gents… don’t throw standards out the window just because you’re ready nest through another cold season. Why settle for an average Joe when you really want a total babe, like say… Jake Gyllenhaal between the sheets. The Buzznet crew concurs. In fact, here are eight reasons we’ve decided Jake Gyllenhaal would make the perfect holiday boyfriend:

1. You know your boy is festive as hell and ready for all those dorky winter activities.

2. He’ll roll with even the most awkward holiday family dinners.

3. He keeps it tight and we’re guessing he sure knows how to please his partner.

4. He can cheer you up instantly with one of these mood-altering smiles.

5. He’s clearly in touch with his emotions and the perfect partner for watching heartwarming holiday flicks.

6. He’s a good listener and you can run your hands through his lustrous locks by the fire.

7.  He will happily cut a rug at your company holiday party.

8. He’ll gladly sip wine with you at home and listen to you hate on your annoying frenemies.