Kylie Jenner Is Ready To Be A Movie Star

As if Kylie Jenner didn’t already have a zillion amaizng opportunities surrounding her, the 18-year-old is always up for more.

Between her wildly successful beauty app, filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians, handling multiple endorsement deals, and keeping her personal life and relationships in check, it’s hard to imagine the teen titan would have a second for anything else. However, it turns out Kylie has been bit by the acting bug.

Kylie recently posted an update of her future plans to her app and casually mentioned, “”Just got off the phone with my mom. We talked about a movie script.”

Ummm it would be kinda amazing to see Kylie step in front of a camera and give her hand at acting. She’s already used to having a lens on her life at all times, so with that leg up on the industry I have a feeling she’d do just fine…the only question is, what kind of role would she play?

Guess we’ll just have to wait to see if Kylie can make some movie magic happen!

Would you see a movie Kylie acted in?