My Little Sister, My Little Brother

I’m ready to share with you my the first short book, I will publish a chapter almost every day. I worked on the “My little sister, my little brother “ almost one year and it was my secret. And now I want to show you prologue. Please tell me what do you think about it. And tomorrow I’ll post the first chapter. Can’t wait

“My little sister, my little brother”

My little sister, my little brother I want to tell you my secrets. I don’t know where you live but you are so precious person to me. I can’t imagine your life but I can share with you my memories. Maybe now you are in the same place where I was and maybe I have some tips for you. I don’t know but try to trust me. I believe that with the next words we will stay good friends and I’ll help you through by the darkness days.

You know that life is full of the surprises. Never be afraid to feel free because no one can stop you. You are the only boss for yourself. Sometimes can be worse but never give up. I believe in You. You have hidden power inside your great brave heart. Maybe now, you don’t know about it or you don’t believe me but with the time you will feel it. Never hurt yourself, I know that is hard to stay positive when people bullying you but there is always hope. Please try to don’t care about these painful moments. I believe that you will through by these.

You are a fighter.