Music: “Power In Us” From Logan P. McCoy

WOW, I don’t know what I have to say. New “Power In Us” from Logan P. McCoy touched me so much. Please, watch it and tell me what do you think about it?

“History has proven it time and time again that the best way to subjugate any group of people is to make them believe they are powerless. Once thus indoctrinated, said people relinquish their inherent capacity to be self-determined beings to become beings controlled by external forces. Like sheep, these otherwise powerful beings are led to their own slaughter without any real substantial freedom breeding resistance but the occasional cry and whine of a powerless herd. Recognizing this timeless trick, Logan P. McCoy’s clarion call to all oppressed people via his poignant and chilling piece “Power In Us” serves as a reminder that “…we got the power in us”. The opening to his EP, N.Y.P: The Great EP, Logan is using his voice as a Hip Hop artist to address an inherent potential for greatness the lot of us take for granted.” by