The Secret To Relationships

Ello my lover bugs.. recently I have been going through some personal issues dealing with a breakup. I swear if you look at my Buzznet page one day you see me so in love, swooning, and the next day I am a bitter, depressed person. I think with any break you go through stages.. love, sadness, anger, then your over it. Right now I am in the anger stage. I don’t want to have any anger towards love, but I do. So I have been reading The Power and today I turned to the page “The Secret To Relationships” so let’s see what I am missing here.

“Life presents everything to you so that you can choose what you love. And past of the gift of life is that you are given all kinds of people, so you can choose what you love in those people and turn away what you don’t love.”

Good point.. let’s pick out the good things I loved in him and only focus on the positive right now.

  • Smile
  • Personality
  • Made me laugh
  • Smart
  • Brilliant
  • Sexy
  • Great Lips
  • Chemistry was insane
  • Decent style, can be better
  • Treated me like a lady
  • Loved me
  • Had a great job
  • Loved his job
  • Ambitious
  • Driven
  • I could learn from

Okay, now that we have listed out some of the positives, let’s continue with the Secret of Relationships..

“You are not meant to manufacture love for qualities in a person you don’t love, but simply to turn away without giving them any feeling. Turning away from what you don’t love in someone means you’re relaced about it, and you know life is giving you a choice. It doesn’t mean that you argue with them to prove to they’re wrong or you criticize or blame them, or that you want to change them because you think your right. Because if you do any of these things, you are not giving love– big time!”

Let’s let that sink in… I do not want to have any negative or angry feelings towards him, I’m just so hurt it is something to blame it on. So as it says above you can’t argue with them to prove they are wrong. So I might as well let him figure that out for himself. I didn’t do anything wrong to end the relationship. But I guess I can not change the fact that he is afraid of commitment and when our relationship was going really fast he pulled back and disappeared. I can’t criticize or blame him for doing any of that to me. That is how how he felt and I can’t be angry because of how someone feels. I can only move forward and let go of the past. Because in reality that’s how he is, and I can’t change a person. I can only give love.

I need to focus on myself, give love, spread love. Stop focusing on the negative and focus on the positive. This is my last post about me venting about my breakup .. time to have Samii Ryan vision.. make my dreams happen with no distraction.



Samii Ryan