Selena Gomez Slams Hater On Instagram!

Eeep! It’s not often Selena Gomez shows a side of herself that goes against her normal sweet demeanor, but a hater crossed the line when they left an innapropriate comment on Sel’s instagram.

Writing that she hoped Selena would, “burn in hell with cancer,” was super harsh and struck a chord in Sel that she couldn’t ignore.

Selena made the decision to set her hater straight and left a comment on the hater’s profile, which she then screen shot and posted to her own account!

While Selena’s fans support her decison to call out the hater, others thought it wasn’t right to publicly humiliate them to make a point. Personally, I think it was really cool for Selena to stand up to the bully (who has since deactivated her account) and let everyone know it is possible to go too far with nasty words.

What do you think? Was Selena right to put her hater on blast or should she have just ignored it?