Don Benjamin Returns With New Single “Enough” (Listen)!

Don Benjamin is back with another smash!

Last month, the rapper, artist, and fashion leader, DB teamed up with #BRANDX to premiere his single “Doin It Well“, featuring Elijah Blake. Now he’s back with his latest hit, “Enough“, featuring DeCarlo. In this sultry, mid-tempo track, Benjamin digs deep and expresses his take on the ups and downs in relationships.

“Now we on track, everything good. I overreacted, you misunderstood…

Stood strong, overcame. Too far we then came. Point fingers who to blame, too old for the games…”

This song among other unreleased—as of yet—tracks are a part of his “The Don B Projectkick starter campaign. It is DB‘s hope that this campaign will help to fund his debut album, but he needs your help! He is asking his pack of loyal followers (over 750K) to be a part of the LP every step of the way and help him reach his goals!

One way that you could help kick start his campaign is by becoming a pledge. Another way that you could help DB is by checking out his latest video for “Enough” and spreading the word!

Tell us what you think! Will “Enough” the next big hit for DB?