Hot Or Not: Rihanna Is Basically Naked And Covered In Sparkles

Rihanna was honored at the CFDA Awards last night for her success in fashion. And she made sure all eyes were on her for her special night with her outfit on the red carpet.

The singer, 26, won the Fashion Icon Award and paid tribute to another American icon, Josephine Baker, with her look for the occasion. The Adam Selman gown, gloves and headscarf that Rihanna wore was reminiscent of outfits that the jazz-age dancer often wore. However, Rihanna added some more sex appeal and modern edge by going completely sheer and showing off her butt, breasts and tattoos underneath. She had nothing but a smartly placed fur shawl (also straight out of the 1920’s) to cover herself up in the front.

Rihanna’s look was definitely daring, but the combination of a nod to the past, and unapologetic sexiness is really the perfect recipe for a fashion icon, so it some ways it’s the perfect look for the occasion.

Do you think Rihanna’s outfit was hot or not?