“Henna Heals” Makes Beautiful Henna Crowns For Hope & Empowerment

I recently came across one of the most inspirational communities – their truly beautiful mission is so touching, that I really wanted to share their power of love and kindness with you Babies. 

Henna Heals is a group of global artists who “create and advocate for henna crowns as a form of empowerment for people experiencing hair loss” due to chemotherapy treatments. These brilliant souls lend their time and talent to selflessly give a stunning gift to someone else in need – not just a physical gift of a gorgeous crown, but an emotional and spiritual gift of healthy energy and hope during a time of healing. It’s their mission to “empower you, to help you feel beautiful, and to give you the confidence to be a walking work of art.” I think we could all learn a lesson from the members of this epic community! <3

Check out the gallery full of radiating joy and breathtaking henna crowns! And read more about this brilliant project HERE!! 


Integrity, Love, Unity <3


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