My Favorite Places In L.A. For Inspiration

Hey Buzznet!

I’m so glad you’re all loving my brand new song Too Cool To Dance! I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately on twitter about what inspires my creative process and how I come up with ideas to write songs. I thought I’d share with you what a typical “get inspired” day is iike for me and show you all the places I hit up to get my brain rolling.

I usually start the day by walking to my local coffee shop, Graffitti Cafe on La Brea and grab a soy latte to get that caffine fix and wake up! The coffee is way over-priced, but the vibe is chill.

They have the BEST vegan donuts! I had never tried strawberry before, I like to try new things while I people watch…

From there I decided to walk a few more blocks away to one of the most creative intersections of town, Fairfax & Melrose, where my boyfriend ThankYouX currently has an exhibit up at The Seventh Letter Gallery!

This is one of ThankYouX and Roger Gastman’s creative visual boards for their new clothing line “Tools of Criminal Mischief” featuring their art as well as art that inspires them. See that yellow painting I’m pointing at? I actually painted that piece for ThankYouX, and it’s titled “Happiness”.

While I was there I ran into my homie AJL, he’s an artist too. I convinced him to give me a ride up to the Griffith Observatory where you can see killer views of all of Los Angeles.

While I was there I felt insired to write some lyrics in my good-karma notebook.

I love Griffith so much, cuz it makes you feel like you’re on top of the world!!

Feeling super zen, I decided to end my day at my favorite crystal and meditation shop, Spellbound Sky in Silverlake. Crystals are really good for opening up your creative chakras and expandning your thought process!

I’m particulary drawn to calcite. When I was in France last year writing for my album I went into a french cave that was entirley made out of it and felt really good vibes there!

I ended up buying this green stone called Moss Agate. It’s a stone of new beginings and promotes balance and stability.

Can’t wait to bring this baby to the studio!

Hope you guys enjoyed taking a closer look at my creative process! Find more exclusive behind the scenes photos from my life right now only on Pinyata! Download Pinyata HERE and follow my Page “EDEN”!

Talk to you guys soon!

Eden XO

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