Jennifer Lawrence Named Sexiest Woman in the World

One of Hollywood’s favorites, Jennifer Lawrence, is known best for being the “girl next door”. Not only is she stunning, but she has a perfect sexiness about her.

The 23-year-old Hunger Games actress has been named the Sexiest Woman in the World for 2014 by FHM. In this issue, she tops its annual list of the year’s 100 hottest women from around the globe! What an accomplishment!

It seems that Jennifer Lawrence’s confidence, sex appeal, and down-to-earth demeanor won her the title over even the most talented of entertainers that were in the running.

British actress, Michelle Keegan, who came in on the list at number 2, says that being on the list involves much more than having a pretty face and fantastic figure, and it seems as if the impeccable Jennifer Lawrence proved just that!

“I believe that being ‘sexy’ isn’t wearing lots of heavy makeup or having the perfect hair or figure,” Keegan says. “It’s about self-confidence, being comfortable with yourself, smiling and being happy!”

“Congratulations to Jennifer on landing the number one spot. She’s run away with the title this year and it’s no great surprise,” FHM 100 Sexiest editor Dan Jude said in a statement. “Not only is she the most in-demand actress on the planet, but men the world over have fallen in love with her kooky charm.”

FHM’s list also includes famed singer Rihanna coming in at No. 3, Kaley Cuoco in the No. 5 spot, Kunis still holding strong in the top 10 as No. 6, and Beyonce at No. 7.