Pretty In Pastel: Prom Inspirations

Living the life of a musician isn’t just about going to cool events, touring and getting to know my fans. It’s a lot of sacrifice and I’ve missed out on a lot of normal things like going to my high school prom!

In the spirit of the season, I’ve put together a dream gallery of all the looks I would have loved to have rocked at my own prom!

There are so many amazing ways to glam up to get down. I’m currently into short flirty dresses in baby pinks, lavendars and metallics, which are sure to keep your date’s full attention! Especially if you pair it with off-beat accessories like polka-dot tights, snap back caps and leather jackets!

Big fake flowers, hair bows and soft waves make for the perfect prom hairstyles, along with shimmery eye-shadows, glossy lips, pastel accented hair (you can get clip-in hair pieces or use hair chalk if you’re not down for dyeing!) and flirty shoes you can dance in all night!

LMK what you’re wearing to prom in the comments below or on Twitter! @ reply me @heyeden or Hashtag #Edenprom so I’ll know what look you’re stepping out in!

Talk soon!