Whose Fug Face Made Vanessa Hudgens Giggle?

I’m not gonna lie. I totally dig Vanessa Hudgens‘ style and attitude. The 25-year-old former Disney actress has been working hard the past few years to separate herself from mouse ears and be taken seriously as an actress.

In her soon-to-be-released film Gimme Shelter, Vanessa plays a pregnant teen whose home life is so bad, she tries to make it on the streets. It’s Vanessa’s most serious role yet and her team has high hopes it will catapult her into young Hollywood’s elite!

When NYLON magazine caught up with Vanessa, she spilled on her transformation and how being ugly made her giggle!

“I loved looking in the mirror and seeing myself with short hair and bad skin and tattoos,” she shared. “The uglier I could make myself the more giggly I would get on the inside.”

Wow! It’s crazy to think Vanessa woudl ever be anything less than gorgeous, but her no nonsense attitude toward taking risks with her career is what makes her so cool!

“If your’re not into something, be open about it,” she spilled. “If you don’t like me, I don’t care.”

Lolzzz…love it!

Are you going to see Gimme Shelter?