Make It Stop: The Hair Trend That Shouldn’t Be On The Red Carpet

The Oscars are this weekend and everyone will be talking about the fashion and beauty looks that the women of Hollywood wear down the red carpet. However, there is one trend that I hope stays home for this event: the slicked back hair look.

For some reason this hairstyle pops up on a lot of red carpets on some of the most beautiful women. The look consists a well-coiffed bottom half of hair, either straightened or blown out nicely, but then the roots are doused in product and comboned back from the hairline.

I supposed the intention is toe pull back the hair from the face, while still wearing the hair down. But why not a headband?! Why not clip the front pieces of the hair on top?

The style resembles an odd combination of space alien and founding father. It looks like someone got their hair done nicely, and then did a deep conditioning treatment on their roots and forgot to rinse it out.

The most baffling thing about this whole style is the women that wear it. I’m talking Jennifer Lawrence and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. It accompanies the most beautiful dresses and makeup down the red carpet, and nobody seems to question it. I’m hoping that this year, Hollywood’s most fashionable ladies finally ditch these odd hairstyle for good.

Check out the pictures for yourself and see if you agree. Are you sick of this hairstyle, too?