What New Music Are You Excited For in 2014?

Here in Buzzland, we are always looking for new music. We like to listen to everything that we can jam into our ears as we block out the world with our earbuds. Mind you, I am totally writing this as I play some Tchaikovsky but whatever, I still like to listen to new stuff too.

~ You girls keep me young ~

I haven’t really seen anything too bananas out there that I am waiting to see released. I mean Robyn is putting something out and so is Against Me! but I’m not exactly DYING to get my hands on any of that. I’m just buy-curious about those releases.

Tee hee

And so now, I turn to you, dear reader. Mayhaps you have found something a little more awesome than I have during my 2 minute Google search for 2014 releases. Feel free to shout out things that you think I should be hearing during 2014 in the comments below.

I have faith in your musical taste. You are all magical. I believe in you. I am going to go back and listen to more Berliner Philharmonker and eat finger sandwiches on this, my day off.

What new music are you excited for in 2014?