Music Spotlight + Exclusive Interview With Todd Carey

Hey Buzzneters,

Here is a new artist for you to check out and love! His name is Todd Carey! I first heard of him from a co worker who said that I would love his song “Nintendo”. I checked it out and OF COURSE I loved it, how could I not? It’s about VIDEO GAMES… or is it?! Now it’s your turn to check him out!

Buy “Nintendo” on iTunes HERE!

For the readers who have yet to check you out, tell us a bit about yourself!

First, thanks for having me Brittany, appreciate it! Well, my fans would describe me as a high-energy pop artist, someone who brings the party. I would say that I’m a musician who has grown up in Chicago, LA and NYC making music that people can feel. I just released a brand new single called “Nintendo” and it’s the first song off my upcoming album on Blaster Records. I’m pretty amazed at the way the song has reacted with the people in my world. It seems to have tapped a nerve.

How do you feel your music stands out to the masses?

I think in this climate you can’t be good, you have to great. I think what you put out there should speak for itself and as an artist, you should be able to back that up – whether it’s onstage, in your songwriting, or your overall aesthetic. The “Nintendo” single and my new album are the result of writing 70 songs over 3 years and recording in 4 different cities. I road tested each song in front of audiences. By the time the songs made it to record, and to the iTunes store, I felt they stood out on their own already. 🙂

When did you first discover that you wanted to pursue a career in music?

This sounds cliché but it was never a decision. It was just something that I naturally did. Haha it’s funny, I can be an indecisive person, but that was the one thing I never questioned.

What’s the best advice you can give someone about the music business?

You have to love what you do and want it more than anything. You have to be willing to give your life to your craft.

What is your favorite song to perform right now?

“Nintendo.” I love seeing people’s faces light up when we kick off the intro. Been waiting a long time for that moment.

What is one song you heard in 2013 that you wish you wrote?

OMG – Every time I hear a great song, I wish I had written it, haha! But if you make me choose one – and right now I am just browsing through my library – I’d have to say “Clarity” by Zedd. It think it achieves a rare balance of super raw emotion, and high energy hook-iness. And you can move to it. AND it’s sad. That’s really hard to do. That song would be incredible with just a voice and an acoustic guitar.

What are you big plans for 2014?

2014 is my year. I have my first ever music video coming out for “Nintendo” and my first full-length label album release Future Throwback dropping. And lots of touring and shows of course – my favorite!

You have a fun song called “Nintendo” is it safe to assume you’re a gamer?

Haha, the irony here is that I’m not! People do assume that I’m into the gaming culture, and like any kid, I played my share of video games. But the song is really just an analogy to all the things you loved to do as a kid: wrapped-up in a throwback love song.

If you could put together your dream tour to be on who would perform and what would your dream tour bus look like?

GREAT question. And since we are going fantasy here, I’ll go all-out! Would love to hitch along with a classic act with an audience that expects risks like Dave Matthews Band. I would also bring along a new relevant act like Macklemore.

The bus would focus on creativity and longevity: First, it would have a great mobile studio that people could jump on and collaborate with in various cities. Writers, producers, artists. How fun would that be? Second, it would accommodate lots of exercise, yoga and juicing! And ok, maybe a special party lounge. 🙂

Any last words for your fans and our Buzznet readers?

Thanks for taking a second out of your day to read this! If you like anything you hear from me – drop a line on my socials. I’m watching! 😉

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