Music Mondays: Long Time No See, Eh?

For the past couple of months I’ve explored albums upon albums of various bands from various genres and I’ve been quite pleased with all of them. Here are some of my favorite songs that I’ve uncovered. 🙂

Bring Me To Life by Thousand Foot Crunch

Take me to a place where doors are open

A lovely little place where no one’s broken

She Had The World by Panic! At The Disco

But who could love me? I am out of my mind.

Throwing a line out to sea to see if I can catch a dream

Eskmo Kiss by The Kooks

She’s like the rose without a thorn, she’s like the sunflower that never looks back at the sun.

Afraid by The Neighborhood

When I wake up I’m afraid, somebody else might take my place

End Credits by Chase & Status

When my heart stops beating and my lungs stop breathing in air…

I hope somebody cares.

Hero by Skillet

And if it kills me tonight I will be ready to die.

2 AM by Matt Kerekes

And if I die tonight, well I guess that’s alright.

Cause the world’s asleep while I’m wasting time.

Passing Through A Screen Door by The Wonder Years

Jesus Christ. I’m 26.

All the people I graduated with,

All have kids,

All have wives,

All have people who care if they come home at night.

Africa by Toto

The wild dogs cry out in the night as they grow restless longing for some solitary company.

No More Wishing by Hayley Taylor

I want a love that’s side by side, I want a love that holds me tight.

I want a love that feels like a dream, but when I wake up he’s still there with me.

I Don’t Mind by Defeater

And I don’t mind, if we take our time,

‘Cause I’m all yours ff you’re all mine.

Learned Behavior by The Color Morale

Sometimes it’s good to build up walls, not to keep anyone out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down.

I Wanna Be Yours by The Arctic Monkeys

Secrets I have held in my heart are harder to hide than I thought.

Maybe I just wanna be yours.

Flashlight by The Front Bottoms

She’s says a lot of the kids we graduated with are now homeless which puts them in mad shady situations with mad shady people if not everyday then on an every other day basis

And she’s probably with a few of them right now and they are probably just drinking and talking about how she misses getting fucked up and hanging around.

And he says “Hey you’re good at that” and she says “Thanks, it’s kind of all I got,” and then she looks away and says “It’s also all I need.”

Sink by Brand New

I don’t want to let you go, but it hurts my hands to hold the rope

Not The Sun by Brand New

You’ve set on me, but you are not the sun, and you will not listen.