Mora Mora Films Music Video In One Shot!

Based in Los Angeles, Mora Mora has invaded our eyes and ears with a new music video for “Karleen,” a song from the band’s self-titled EP.

Filmed as a one-shot (continuous in time with the use of one camera), with the addition of an intro and outro, the video drops you into a modern-day Twilight Zone. There’s a mysterious art deco spaceship and guys in flannel shirts hiding in the woods during the middle of the night. It’s all so eerie, yet intriguing.

As for the actual song, “Karleen”‘s dark tones are suitable for this implied extraterrestrial escapade. My favorite section of the song is the bridge (in the video: when the band enters the spaceship) because the music becomes gut-wrenching and the desperation in lead singer Matias Mora’s voice is completely believable.

Watch below and enjoy:

Visit Mora Mora’s YouTube for more videos.

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