Buzznet Storytellers Assignment #40: The First Time I Went To Space

Well, not rly. As much as I would love to go into space, I am poor and I will probably never. I did, however, get to go and see the Space Shuttle Endeavour on Caturday because it was Free Museum Day In Los Angeles. It is probably the closest I will ever be to breaking the surly bonds of earth.

To Infinity & Beyond!

Every now and then, a bunch of the museums in L.A have a day where admission is free. This usually means there are THRONGS of people out and it’s really cool to see the multitudes excited about things. My mates and I had a whole day of museum hopping planned but we only made it to the California Science Center because everywhere else was insanely packed and we’re all socially anxious.

The Science Center is located right next to USC and it’s kind of big. It’s also mostly for children so my friends and I felt weird being around a bunch of babies. We were all really excited to see the Endeavour because we like space junk. We were also excited about free museums and doing new things in 2014.

Anyway, here is the space shuttle being all awesome:

The Endeavour just hangs out in this hanger annex thing to the side of the Science Center. It’s also not rly that big.

And here’s the butt of the Endeavour:

And here is the cone thing:

Oh and here is the Kelp Forest display:
And then these little fish were being weirdos and turning in a circle and I thought it was kewt:
This was outside in the front of the museum:
After we went to the museum, we went to go and eat some burritos because we are from California and that’s just what we eat here. We then walked a bit in DTLA and tried to go to the MOCA but the line for that thing was way long and were all “YEAH NO LET’S GO DRINK BEERS!” And then here I am having thoughts about beers:

And that’s the end. I hope you have enjoyed your Endeavour space trip. Oh it was also the first time I saw that ship so there. TTYL!

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