Buzznet Exclusive: Emily Hearn Premieres Lyric Video For ‘Darlin’

I recently was introduced to this amazingly talented and adorable artist; Emily Hearn! When I heard her voice I was captivated, it is one of those songs that brings you to a certain place. Here is her exclusive video premiere for her song “Darlin”!

I asked Emily what her inspiration was for this song and she said “I think almost everyone knows what it feels like to get strung along by someone. Maybe they “like” you, but it’s not a strong enough connection to make them commit. It makes you feel weak, sitting there with your heart on your sleeve, but continuing to take their calls when you know you shouldn’t. So instead of writing a typical sad story about this type of relationship, I wanted to take a stronger approach. Darlin’ is about a girl who has finally decided to call a guy out for his games– with a little bit of charm and humor for fun.”

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What are your thoughts on this song and Emily Hearn?