Afer Christmas Idea: Gift Card Art

I hope you all are having a most wonderful time of the year. Since Christmas is now over and we are all sad, we can now focus on picking pine needles out of the carpet and keeping tinsel out of our dog’s mouths. Maybe that last one is just me.

As we toss out all the gift wrap and boxes that our presents came in, there is another thing which I am sure a lot of us will have left over: Gift Cards.

Once we’re done with these last minute gifts that people get you when they don’t really know you as a person, we’re going to have a lot of tiny plasitc squares left over. Whatever shall we do with those? Hopefully there are places that recycle these. I hate for these all to end up in the Pacific Ocean.

Maybe we can all give our used gift cards to Etsy artist Jupita. Look at these awesome mosiacs and art pieces that Jupita has made out of gift cards:

Gift Card Mosiac Art Piece

These next two are coffee themed art made out of Starbucks Gift Cards:

Coffee Table Art

Pretty cool art, right? I like that Jupita is using gift cards as a medium instead of letting them go into the trash. What do you all think about these? Let me know in the comments. TTYL!