EXCLUSIVE: Birdy On Her New Music & More

Birdy is a sensational singer/songwriter, who at the age of 17, has already found huge success in the UK and has had her music featured on American television. Known initially for her beautiful covers like Bon Iver‘s “Skinny Love,” this folk/indie artist has her own original music on a new EP Breathe, and coming soon a second studio album, Fire Within. We asked her about the upcoming album, what she has learned over the past few years and what her hopes are for her original music.

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How would you describe your music?

The first album was piano and voice quite stripped back and melancholic, the new album has a side to me no one has really heard it’s a bit more up beat.

You are only 17 and have already have years of experience in the music industry, how do you think these past few years have impacted your approach to making music?

I think I felt a bit more confident in the studio this time round just from doing it before and probably from being a bit older. It was great to have two years developing my own writing for Fire Within.

Who are some of your peers that you look up in the music industry or that you have made a friendship with?

It was really amazing getting to record my album with some great musicians in the studio like Seye and Brad Webb. I have worked with other amazing Artists like Ryan Tedder and Ben Lovett, which i really enjoyed.

New album soon of all original music! What does “Fire Within” mean to you?

Fire Within tells my own stories so it’s a personal album it means a lot to me because writing songs has always been my favourite part of music; to do a whole album of originals is really special.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

I just hope I can make music that other people enjoy and they can find something that means something to them.

Fans can check out her new EP, Breathe here.

What do you think of Birdy?

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