15 Things Every Woman Should Know

1. Learn how to cook one good meal. Just one, you can make it for anyone and be fancy. 

2. Wash your face before you go to bed, your pores and 50 year old self will thank you. 

3. Spanx are magical, under almost any kind of dress. 

4. Hand writing thank you cards will do more good for you than most anything else. Never forget to be filled with love for those who have helped you! 

5. Learn how to walk into a room and talk about yourself without sounding like an ego-maniac or a scared-cat. This will help you more than I can even explain. 

6. If the people you hang out around are talking about others behind their backs, they are talking about you too. Learn how to smile and nod instead of fueling the negativity. 

7. You won’t always be young and pretty. in an age filled with instagramming selfies and our extreem obsession with self, just remember…you won’t always be “hot”, base your life on more than your outsides. 

8. A digital conversation might be easiest but a real conversation means the most. 

9. Fake eyelashes will make your life better.

10. The internet will never go away, be mindful of what you put out there. (case in point) 

11. If you pay $10 for a dress of $100 dollars, tailor it. It will look way more expensive! 

12. Wear sunscreen.

13. Never settle for being anyone’s second best.

14. Whatever you are crying about, you will eventually stop crying about it, and it will become past of your past and your past will make you stronger. Never lose sight of that. 

15. Everybody goes crazy sometimes, and that’s ok. 

Love you guys. xx. 

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