Have You Seen My Secret Powers? Show Me YOURS For A Chance To Win $2,000!

Hey Lovers!

So this season of Halloween is creeping around the corner. Did you know it is actually when we are closest to spirits who have passed over? In honor of this season, and the movie Carrie, I decided to #FlexLikeCarrie and show you some of MY super powers. Like Carrie, she controls objects with her mind, and I decided to control my motions by my mind and have my drink appear right into my hands!

I think that everyone has their own individual super powers, so I want to see how you can #FlexLikeCarrie. All you need to do is submit a video showing YOUR super powers (come on be creative people) and you could have a chance to win $2,000. (That’s a nice shopping spree there)

Want to know how I made my #FlexLikeCarrie video?

Well a magician never tells her secrets, however I will give you some tips!

  • You need 2 people to complete this video
  • Someone needs to know what stop motion looks like, or how to edit the video so it looks like you have super powers
  • Start the cup at the end of the table, push it inches forward, snap a video, and so on so forth until it crosses the table and reaches your hand!
  • This takes some time to perfect so have some patience!

Here is how you can enter your video!

  • Create a Vine or Instagram video showing off your super powers, and how your mind can control anything.
  • Tag the video or photo using the hashtag #FlexLikeCarrie (Also, make sure your account online is public so we can view all the entries)
  • Finally, share your super power on Twitter!

We want to see all the amazing powers you all have by October 20th!