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Horses are a unique creatures, a symbol of freedom. Their beauty has inspired many artists to create unforgettable works of art. But cruelty of the today’s world affects them more and more. Harmed by wrong people need our help.

And today, I want to please you about help Tara Foundation- A Shelter For Horses In Poland. During 18 years foundation saved more than 600 horses but now the situation is tragic. Tara has financial problems. Their bank account is blocked by troubles with ZUS( Social Insurance Institution). If we don’t help foundation, it they can lost horses……

How you can help 🙂 Donations for the Tara Foundation, you can transferred to this account:

Also, you can share this blog with your friends etc Every help is important.

Contact to Tara:

These screenshots are from the Tara Foundation web page:HERE(English Version )Tara Foundation: Facebook

Help The Tara Foundation

Tara Foundation’s Story– from STOP Skaryszew:

“Tara Foundation was founded in 1995 thanks to private funds of Scarlett Szyłogalis. Before that, Scarlett was a horse rider in sport club in Wrocław. For three years she was an employee in a shelter for horses in Kołobrzeg which was founded by Germans. She was going around with vets to slaughterhouses to examine meat for trichinosis. Through her own tears she was watching animals sentenced for slaughter. At that moment she had decided to create a shelter (name of it comes from the book ‘Gone with the wind’ – Tara was a place where Scarlett lived).

‘We buy life’ – it is a motto of Scarlett’s activity. Nowadays, there are over a hundred horses in the shelter and other animals (pigs, goats, a sheep, a ram, rabbits, dogs and cats also). There are not many places like Tara in Poland where old, sick and crippled animals get a second life. Tara shelter does not give out animals and does not sell them. Animals who come to Tara stay here forever.

Most of our animals have come to Tara in a horrible condition. They were treated with particular cruelty. If you find, thay look nice today – we can shake hands because it means our work makes sense. We promised to create a paradise for horses and step by step we are getting closer to our goal.

Anyone who saw galloping horses was standing in awe, listening to the tramp of hooves hotting the ground. Strong and free, living close to a human being, trusting and gentle – such moments make your soul cry…”

“The story of Bolek, the horse with a heavy chain on his neck until he was a baby, a chain that grew into his neck… Saved by Tara. Please watch and share this amazing rescue:”-via the Tara Foundation Facebook

Please, help Tara…