Fashion Friday: Garment Makers Industrie


Since it’s falling in love month, and since I just got back from an overseas trip, I thought I’d tell you about a little secret called Industrie Clothing.  I first found out about this company when I was in Australia and have been digging them ever since.  I recently made it a point to go back for something that turned into a shopping spree there.  

A couple of my favorite things I purchased was this burgundy jacket. Since fall is coming, casual jackets will be more popular than ever.  

The other item I love is the Cortes pant, I love these so much that I now own them in bascially every color.  It is a slim fit pant but also has some give in it. 

While they are not the cheapest company, their clothing has held up quite well so far.  I also like this company because I dont consider them over saturated like other companies in the states. 

What type of fashion are you into right now?

What do you think of Industrie?

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