Question Of The Day: #IWishIWas

We talk a lot about wishes here on Buzznet, don’t we? That’s okay because wishes help steer the mighty boat of our dreams down the turbulent rivers that are our lives.

~ I’m not sure why my brain went to Howl’s Moving Castle but it did so there ~

Anyway, today I bring to us more wish making from the land of Twitter. The thing over yonder that made me think of far away make, believe lands was the #IWishIWas trending topic. Seeing that topic made me think of this:

~ LoL Skee Lo ~

So here are some things that I wish right meow:

  • I wish I was back in Maui
  • I wish this dude would man up and just be honest with me already
  • I wish I didn’t feel like that because it makes me feel dumb ^
  • I wish I could bring Moo to work
  • I wish the wildfire here in Cali didn’t make my sinuses all jacked up

~ Le Fin ~

Now it’s your turn. Go fish your wish! Tell me about some stuff you wish! Go!