Jessie And The Toy Boys Video Sneak Peek!

Jessie Malakouti has been super busy. Between working in the studio on a new album, photo shoots and shows, the Jessie and The Toy Boys singer managed to find time to film a video for her new song, “White Girl Wasted!”

This video teaser of pop driven party track is kind of addicting and one of those things I keeep clicking repeat on. Jessie has a fresh pop sound I haven’t heard from other big name pop acts, making it hard to believe this won’t be a summer smash! Check out the video teaser below!

In addition to the new music video and other projects coming our way, Jessie has a reprising role in the revamped soap opera One Life To Live playing, aspiring pop-star “Dusky.” Could it BE a more perfect role for her?!

Let me know what you think of Jessie and The Toy Boys!

Are you a fan?