Tell Me Why: Channing Tatum

Hi Buzznet Hi!

Sorry that I have been away and junk. Mostly I have a really nice base tan after being in Hawaii for like a week and stuff. You may proceed to envy me. Anyway, I am still on Maui time so my sleep has been pretty poop but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, because I do. I come with gifs:

~ If you didn’t know, it’s this dudes birthday ^ Oh and that’s Channing Tatum AKA Tater Tots ~

Okay, so. Did Tumblr explode yet? Because that’s a shirtless dude with a cat and pizza gif. Here are some Tater Tot facts:

I guess he knows Kung Fu or something

He used to be a stripper but whatever

He’s good at science and stuff

He’s pretty much . ~ * F A B U L O U S * ~ .

Oh and this happened once:

sup, alliteration, sup?

Look: I’ll be the first to admit when someone is schmexy but I don’t know how I feel about him being the “Sexiest Man Alive” yet. And this is after I have had a year to let this sink in. I think maybe he’s adorable, but that’s because he just seems like a giant goofball. He’s no Fassy, though. I mean, have you seen Shame?

Anyway, your task today is to tell me why Tater Tots is sexy because while I reserve the right to think that he’s adobrz, I don’t see the sexy. Here are some rather questionable gifs that the jury is still out on:

And some pics:

And finally:

So do I, Tater Tots, so do I.

Now it’s your turn, Buzznet. Tell me why this guy is haute and stuff. Extra points for gifs. GO!