My First Year On Buzznet

Buzznet, place where we growing up in art and we touch the most creative things. Everyday new discoveries full of the love.

And today is my first anniversary here. 04/11/2012, I met my new family on Buzznet. I’m so proud of it because I know now the most lovely persons in this world.

This year brought to me so much. I believe that you know about it. I spent here more than many unforgettable moments. And this time learnt me so much. I’m now new person thanks everyone.

I want to dedicate this blog everyone who supports me and my art. At the first, I want to thanks Buzznet & Buzznet Staff for keep our home alive and development.

And friends from Buzznet for share with me your endless love.

Thank you so much my friends for supporting me, my art and believe that everything will be good.

Sending to you many Buzzneting love!!!