All Star Month: Why I Love Music As Much As Cake

Daydreaming my day away, I suddenly thought of something spectacular and hugely profound which would lead to a dramatically written blog post. I laughed to myself and then smiled in a haze of happiness. I looked like Gregg Wallace at dessert time. I looked slightly insane.

“I bloody love music” was my thought. As far as epiphanies go, it’s not one of history’s greatest. Although considering that my previous moment of genius was combining Twiglets and Lindt chocolate, it’s one of my better realizations.

My ‘no-shit-Sherlock’ enlightenment was triggered by a Facebook post. It was a photo of Kids In Glass Houses having recently finished recording their fourth album. Even though I’d seen the photo before, I still smiled. They are the perfectly cooked sticky toffee pudding that I could never tire of. They offer all the comfort I need, yet still excite me every time. I’m sure when I’m stood squeezed in one of their crowds, my face embarrassingly resembles Gregg Wallace’s ‘foodgasm’. I try and look cool and sophisticated but I fail as badly as Masterchef contestants’ making ice cream.

My other beloved treat is of course my favorite American key lime pie, Fall Out Boy. The sweet that I feared had been discontinued but has returned with what could be its greatest recipe yet. Gosh, I love Fall Out Boy – old and new. Even when I look like an unimpressed food critic, I still shed my stubbornness when I hear FOB. Unless, they’re gigging in London and I’m not there, of course. Losing out on tickets turns me into a cruel head chef who’s furious that some junior has been sloppy with the tarragon jus. I’m trying to limit the plate-smashing. I can’t always have the Michelin dining experience even if I really, really, really want it. I’m sure that even Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood have to eat pastry with a soggy bottom sometimes, right?

Right now, there are two things which I am hungry for – pudding, obviously and music. I want to hear new songs, see the same bands live again and again and gorge in divine sounds. I’m greedy. I always want my ‘seconds’. Loving music so much has turned me into a gluttonous fool, but I don’t intend on going on a diet anytime soon.

Bands are the buttery biscuit base of my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. From the jelly and ice cream of my childhood such as The Spice Girls to today’s trendies such as The 1975 who are so cool, they’ll give you brain freeze, I love them all. So thank you music for making my life a full one.

Now excuse me while I wander off to scoff a blueberry muffin and feed my ears.

I bloody love music, and cake. As Sara says, #musicrules.

Do you love music as much as cake?