All Star Month: Song Appreciation

Well folks, it looks like All Star Month is about to wrap up. All month I’ve been trying to come up with something original to blog about but I just kept coming up short. I don’t know why, though…

This month has been so challenging for me. There’s so much I don’t understand. As I was trying to figure out a few things this afternoon, I came up with the perfect way to wrap up All Star Month that I’m pretty sure we all love: song appreciation.

A song can tell a story in a little under four minutes. You know when a certain song just gets you when you fully immerse yourself in it’s lyrics. Then the melody starts to course through your whole body. That is why I love music. It’s why it has always been my main squeeze and probably forever will be. Music is there for me when no one else is. It’s what pushed me towards this site in the first place…to write about what I love.

There are certain songs that make us cry instantly. Those are the songs that mirror our biggest fears, hopes and dreams. Sometimes it’s simply too heart-wrenching to even listen to them. It’s the ones that say everything we want to say but can’t. The ones we want to so bravely send to that someone and say “LISTEN” but don’t, for reasons we can’t ever acknowledge because it hurts too much.

There are many musical loves of my life but nothing will ever compare to my love of a song’s influence. Without music, I don’t know how I’d be able to hold on.

What song has had a powerful influence over you?