Sunday Polyvore Style Board

I feel like every minute im awake im listening to music. Currently getting ready to go back to NYC in the morning for the Ace Hotel Dita Von Teese event, where im doing a private interview with her, then a few events and magazine shoots. Look forward to coming back and resting next week. I have been on the go for almost two months now. Busy is better then bored I suppose.

Accupuncture has turned me into jello, my body is trying to get it’s self together. All I want to do is drink green juices and lay in suana’s. I learned this new amazing reiki treatment where I can open and restore people’s third eye chakra’s.. I have been practicing it a lot and feel rather drained. The more I practice the stronger I get, the only down side is the exhaustion that comes with energy work.

Im wearing a pink faux fur sweater drinking blueberry green tea about to do some readings and a avocado face mask. Sunday’s are ment to be lazy… when you have a list of things to do it is still important to make time for yourself.