The Spring Equinox Manifestation Powers

The Spring Equinox has arrived, and it is the best time for you to create new intentions for what you want to manifest this year.

What you decide to create when the Sun goes into Aries will have great power behind it.

These ideas will most likely create real things in your life-so be careful what you choose!

Be sure and take advantage of this once-a-year great creative potential by meditating right at the Spring Equinox, and be sure to write these intentions down.

You will be amazed to see the “seeds” of your ideas sprout during the next three months, come into bloom during the Summer Solstice period, and be harvested in the fall; then you will be able to evaluate the results in relation to your whole life during the winter months.

So, what did you learn about last year’s creative process during the completion of the Winter Solstice period? Did you take on too much a year ago, and then you could not complete it?

Or, did you choose to manifest something really important, did it actually happen, and is it be the perfect basis for creating something more this season? Did you create a really major physical change in your life, and now it is time to handle the emotional, financial, and/or social repercussions?

Think deeply about these questions because last year was an amazing year to manifest things; this year the manifestation process will be subtle, yet just as potent. Don’t waste this day!