20 Questions With MTV Brazil’s Marimoon

I had the honor or interviewing a rad friend of mine Marimoon from Brazil MTV, she even interviewed me for her show last year and sent me samples of her amazing metallic nail poish collection!

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You have been a VJ and had TV program with MTV Brazil! What were your favorite topics and segments on the show?Acesso MtV changed a lot on its 3 years. Mainly it was a news/interviews/music video show, but they always gave me the chance to create my own stuff in there, so I had some tutorials and my favorite new artists. And last year there was some kind of reality where singers had to do some live karaoke. It’s been a lot of fun!

You also put out an amazing holographic nail polish line (which I have been wearing) is there anymore designing in your near future? Happy you like it! I’m so proud of them, and glad to see they are being sold in USA and even Japan! My last collection, Glitter Shock, had 4 different cute glitter polishes named after desserts. Since I’m still in love with everything iridescent I might do something magical next… It will be decided pretty soon!

Your a lot like me when it comes to changing up your hair color! Which has been your favorite so far?Yes! It’s so hard to pick a color when there are so many beautiful shades and combinations, right? I’ve done pretty much everything in the past 10 years. And I must say I loved my last choice of turquoiseblue + pink + purple!

Do you have any tips on keeping pastel hair color bright? I know for me it can be a bit of hard work haha!Usually what I do is just dye it strong and let it fade to pastel. Just because I’m very lazy and it saves me from re-dying so soon. LOL. But using a very strong neon color like Atomic Pink from SE (and mixing it with conditioner or some moisturizer hair cream) should make it last bright. My tip to make any color last longer is: add a little dye to your favorite moisturizer and every time you wash your hair, you apply it and it will re-dye it a little bit while it helps your hair to gain strength. By keeping it healthy, the color will definitely last longer.

What’s next for Marimoon? Any new exciting projects we can look out for?We just released Disney’s “Wreck it Ralph” in Brazil and I did the voice of Vanellope in portuguese! It was a dream coming true!!! I’m a big Disney fan! Besides that I’m writing 4 tv shows.. one for the kids, a fictional series for 18+, a fashion themed one for the young adult audience and a teen reality show. Let’s see how that works out! I’m in love with them all!!!

Favorite artist you had on your show or interviewed?Hard choice… Tied up between Iggy Pop (because he is Iggy Pop!) and Noel Gallagher because he was sweet as I’ve never tough he would be AND I was the first person he ever told about the end of Oasis. But there was Paramore, B52’s, Sonic Youth…so many amazing artists I was happy to meet!

Your known for your unique fashion and style, what inspired your looks?I see beauty and inspiration in so many places. I love internet because it brings you closer to other people that live far far away but could easily be your friend. So Tumblr, you <3, harajuku/fruits fashion, corean girls like Eva and Ruby… I’m also crazy about costumes (I even worked as a costume designer), so all the Tim Burton movies inspire me so much!

Favorite designers at the moment?McQueen will always be my hero! Here in Brazil we have some amazing designers like Sommer, Herchcovitch, Ronaldo Fraga, Gloria Coelho, Reinaldo Lourenço, Dudu Bertholini.

5 items you can’t live withoutI’m not that attached to things, but… Phone, Boots, laptop, hair dye and eyeliner.

Do you have any pets?Not in my apartment, but at my mum’s we have 7 dogs and a cat! Well, she lives in a farm… You can see some photos of our wonderland at my sister’s tumblr. She’s a photographer: marcellakarmann.tumblr.com

Last thing I ate was…An avocato dessert. We mix it with condensed milk so make it creamy and sweet. I loooooove avocato!!!!

Favorite meal?We eat so well here in Brazil! My mum makes this delicious mashed almost cream Arracacha (its called mandioquinha here). I also love the classic brazilian meal: beans and white rice.

What fashion trends are you loving at the moment?Iridescent/holographic has always been something I loved since I was a kid. Happy to see it trending! Same thing with the unicorns and the colored hair. Also love crystals and the grunge. I was a grunge kid!

Chapstick, lipgloss or lipstick?Usually I dont use any of them because I love to kiss my man and I just cant do both! But when he’s not around, I’m on my Lime Crime gloss or lipsticks! Love any of them!

If you had to be a Fairy, Dolphin or Unicorn which would you chose?A fairy that would ride unicorns and swim with dolphins!!! <3

Favorite place you have every traveled?India! It was both magical and spiritual. I was 16 and I had such a wonderful time. My sister’s living there for 6 months studying art. The indian people, the culture, their philosophy it’s all so special. You would love it!

What should every girl have in her purse?Mint gum or mini-listerine!

Tea or coffee?It used to be tea, but now I became a coffee girl. We’ve been growing some of our own coffee at my mum’s! It’s delicious!!!

Any last words for your followers?We have a phrase here that says “more love, please!” (mais amor, por favor). If you look back, humanity made some amazing progress, but there is still so much to do. The greed for money is making people lose their true purpose. What we really need in life is not gold or shoes, girls! It’s actually just love. Love can make you healthy, love can make you happy, love can make your dreams come true.