Tour Update From Matt


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Hello Boys and Girls…

Matt here, It’s day 3 of tour and we’re sitting out front of the lovely St. Andrews Hall in Detroit. We played here on our first tour ever, which was with the Rx Bandits (in the basement of this place)…and it’s cool to finally be back. There’s a casino down the road, which I plan on donating some hard earned money to (that wheel of fortune machine always gets the best of me…no pun intended!)

So far the tour has been great, all the bands are killing it, and are great dudes. I suggest picking up the new Steel Train record…I haven’t stopped listening to it in months.

Starting this tour has certainly been bittersweet, being that we announced that we’re going on a break. It’s weird getting to the last song in the set, knowing that these kids aren’t going to see us for a long long time. We played “somebody’s gonna miss us” in the set and it was a little bit of a tear jerker for some people in the crowd, which was very touching…and hit very close to home. It’s unreal to think that some of the songs we created touch certain people in ways that I can’t begin to explain.

We’re playing tons of stuff from every record on this tour, I think 21 songs total…we’ve never played a set that long, and really wanted to make this tour count. We’re also hanging out by merch before and after the shows…so please come say hello/goodbye, wish us luck, or tell us that you’re mad that we’re taking a break. Your support means the world to us.

We’re also filming a DVD on this tour, it’s a documentary of this whole tour from start to finish…we’re interviewing tons of kids in line and in the show, and planning on filming a lot of live stuff as well, we’ve never done a real DVD before, and really wanted to capture and document all of this. It’s going to be amazing to look back on this in a few years…and hopefully very inspiring.

Thanks for taking the time to read this…hope to see you out at some shows -m