Rafael Cennamo Presentation

It was a Clockwork Gold vision at the Rafael Cennamo presentation at the Lincoln Center. Crimson-lipped models posed dramatically on white platforms that starkly contrasted the gold-gilded couture gowns that adorned them. Inspired by the elegant drama of the famed Palace of Versaille’s Hall of Mirrors, the golden collection gleamed and twinkled in the flashing camera lights. The gowns themselves seemed heavy, like molten gold, with opulent embroidered touches and metallic embellishments that made the pieces all the richer. The standout design was a massive black couture masquerade ball-gown with gold embroidery and ruching.

Even the makeup and accessories matched the over-the-top luxury of the designs, with gold-flecked Zoya nail polish, lacquered red lips, sleek black eyeshadow, and bourgeoisie-futuristic steam-punk elements like metallic eyebrows and shiny clockwork-gears headpieces. The whole feel of the lavish collection was very neo-gothic Marie Antoinette meets steampunk meets Venetian masquerade, all edge and all elegance.