Question Of The Day: How Do You Unwind?

First things first, my dear Buzznets. Today, if you were unaware, is National Margarita Day. While I am not particularly keen on sweet drinks (bad Mai Tai experience in my youth), I will partake in a margi every now and then if it is in a giant glass and full of fruit. The margaritas I usually get are blended and if I drink them too fast, I get a brain freeze (not that there is much to freeze up there) and that always sucks.


A margarita is one of those drinks that I get that no matter what I am doing, I instantly feel a million times more gay than I already am. It’s not that I am shy with my gayosity or anything, I am just saying. My walk is plenty sissy’d and I don’t care who knows it.

All this talk about margaritas makes me feel like chilling the heck out and taking a nap in a hammock as some bronzed gym bunny cabana man fans me with a palm fronds. That is my prefered method of unwinding times. Not that it’s ever happened or anything, but a guy can dream.

You may fan me now, Cabana Man

Now, how do you like to unwind?