Buzznet Original: Tina Bobeena

Happy Friday, by little Berznert compadres! How have you all been? I hope you are all feeling out of this world as the sky falls apart in our modern day retelling of Chicken Little. What do I mean by this? Oh nothing, just that a metor burned up in the sky over Russia, exploded, became a meteorite, and messed things up.

Go home Nyan Cat, You’re Drunk

Sorry to bring you down, says gravity to the meteor. Anyway, since we are talking about things that are out of this world, let’s talk about this week’s Buzznet OG: TinaBoBeena!

O Hai!

Lady T has been on the Buzznets for just over a year. You would know this if you read her recent Buzziversary Post. Aww yiss! While she has only been here for a short while, she is already posting hella music blogs, inspiration posts, and pop culture blogs. Since I don’t really know what’s going on in the world, thank goodness that Tina wrote about the Manti Te’o situation:

She’s also keen on sharing with us her discoveries. Check out her 2012 Discoveries Gallery and perhaps you, yes you, will discover something new:

The xx were new to Tina in 2012 – What was new for you?

She also shared with us the albums that helped her out during her high school years:

Did any of your faves make it in her gallery? Go HERE to find out!

And if that wasn’t enough, she stole all hearts away with this gallery of her memaw and pepaw being all 2gether 4ever and adorbz:

Tina’s My Grandparents: The Meaning of True Love Gallery

Thanks, Tina, for sharing your inspirations and being apart of the Buzznet family. You rock! We can’t wait to see what else you come up with! Here’s to more Buzziversaries and awesomeness.

Go make friends with Tina if you haven’t already and give her some kudos on being this week’s Buzznet Original. See ya!

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