On Set Of Jimmy Kimmel With Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrel And Brad Paisley

Hey lovely Buzzers,

On January 9th, I got the amazing opportunity to sit in the audience for a taping Jimmy Kimmel and see one of the sexiest men alive…Ryan Gosling. He was there to talk about his movie that came out this past Friday: Gangster Squad, but more importantly (in my opinion) be adorable, do skits and have fun!

When I got there, the audience was seated, had some fun with the audience hype man and then welcomed the lovely host Jimmy Kimmel! He had a special surprise guest, Will Ferrel! I died laughing because he came in the middle of the show doing a fun “Knife Guys” skit and introduced Gosling as his co-host. Ryan came back looking mighty dapper in a suit and talked to the audience and did his scenes and we had to say goodbye as we were all in swoon city.

After Ryan left we welcomed Brad Paisley and got to hear about his self-made upcoming album for all you country fans to get excited about! We wrapped the show up with some audience scenes and immediately got to enjoy a few live songs for Brad’s performance. I had been on many shows before but this was definitely my favorite experience!

I of course was sure to get some fun behing the scenes photos for you all so go check out the gallery below!