Question Of The Day: How Will You Make Your 2013 Awesome?

I’m kind of over New Year’s Resolutions. Mind you, this is new so who knows, maybe I will make some next year. I guess resolutions work if you need an actual starting point for something, but you don’t really need a new year to start making yourself better or improving your various situations. You can pretty much start being rad whenever you want.

New Brushie Brushie

And so here we are, at the beginning of a new year and thanks to Frank Ocean, all I can think about when I hear “2013” is how future-esque this year sounds.

Thx Fronk

Much to chagrin, the future really isn’t full of flying cars or jet packs anything like that but whatever, there are cats in space:


I kind of wrote about how I am going to try some new things this year in my 52 Weeks project/update thing but just to recap, here are some things that I want to start this year because reasons:

Start home brewingCook more foodsTravel some more Be a bit more nice

I guess I am kind of mean. Well, I don’t think I mean. I am just very whatever about a lot of things so I think that people think that I am mad at them. I’m not really mad at you, I just don’t really care. If we are friends then I care but if you’re just some rando on the street, I have other things to do. You have to work for this, honey boo boo!

Anyway, enough about that. Let’s talk about 2013 and how you are going to make it awesome. I am going to try to be less abrasive and have more adventures. What about you?

How will you make 2013 awesome?