Question Of The Day: How Do You Deal With Rude People?

After looking around the internet this morning, I came across an article on Kotaku where I read that some Microsoft employess were fired for comments they made on the internet about customers/services provided by their company. I get why they were fired (nondisclosure agreements were signed) but it’s still kind of bunz.


The comments made about customers being a little more than daft kind of reminded me about some of the people that I come across when I wait tables. Most people are nice but sometimes, SOMETIMES, I kind of want to shake them.

I know I can be a pretty rude server but you know what, THAT’S WHAT YOU GET. If I am being rude, it’s because you are being a terd and I don’t like you. There. I said it. That’s what I like about working at a small restaurant. I’m pretty sure that if I worked at some fancy restaurant, I would’ve been fired about a million times already.

~ Pretty much me as a server ~

I have a few “awful customer” stories but I will spare you them for now because they are long and I don’t feel like typing them out. Strangely, I have only had to “e-yell” at people here at Buzzland only like, a few times during my time here and that’s more fun because I can use words that are sort of long and what not.

So, when people are rude to you, are you rude right back to them? Do you dish it out? Tell me stuff. I like when you tell me things.

How do you deal with rude people?