Music On, World Off: “Broken Kites” by Gypsy & The Cat

Music On, World Off is basically me telling you guys about a certain song I’m infatuated with while attempting to attach some moral story behind it. Enjoy! 🙂

This has been a pretty emotionally draining week for me. I am officially done with school and I’m just trying to figure out which way to go next. Right now I’m at a standstill and it’s freaking me out.

Gypsy & The Cat are one of those bands that gives you that old-timey psychedelic feel while listening to their records. I’ve been playing their latest release, The Late Blue, on repeat all week. “Broken Kites” is my anthem right now. Just the first verse makes me feel like I’m not alone in this and that everything is going to be okay. We all feel like a broken kite at some point but eventually, we get our bearings and start to fly again. God, I’m so lame. 😛

Do you know what you’re gonna be just fine today? Do they even notice? Do they even try to understand you? It’s the fear that holds you down today. But the sun might never shine your way again. Do you feel like a broken kite waiting for the wind to come alive?”

Check out Gypsy & The Cat’s The Late Blue here.

What songs can you relate to at the moment?

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