Kristen Stewart Reveals Her Most Treasured Item (And It’s NOT Rob Pattinson!)

Kristen Stewart isn’t known for being flashy or materialistic, but there is one thing that the 22-year-old holds very close to her. In a recent interview with ELLE UK, the mag asked her to reveal her “most treasured item” – and surprisingly, her answer was NOT something long-time boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, gave her!

“My most treasured item is the leather jacket Balenciaga gave me. I would be devastated if I lost it. I live in it! It started off fairly sturdy but now it feels like a blanket,” Kristen revealed.

Who can blame her for loving it, as it was a gift from the brand’s ex-creative director Nicholas Ghesquiere, whom she befriended at a shoot in 2006.Not only does K-Stew have the traditional black motorcycle jacket, she also has them in a variety of colors, including yellow and red!

What is YOUR most treasured item?