Justin Timberlake: Outfits So Bad They’re AMAZING!

Admit it, at one point in time, you crushed on the young, pre-Justified, *NSYNC heartthrob Justin Timberlake. You had photos of him all over your school folders, posters permanently staining your bedroom walls and even made invitations to your eventual wedding (No? Just me?). ANYWAY, there’s no doubt you thought JT was THE HOTNESS… I mean, duh!

Justin turns the big 3-2 today and in honor of his ultimate babeness, we’re treating you to some of his worst outfits… EVER. He’s come a long way since his boy band days, but unfortunately for Justin (and fortunately for us!) the Internet forgives, but NEVER forgets!

Which outfit of Justin’s do you think is the absolute worst? Comment on the photo you think it is!